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Website Update
Posted By PhoenixX on Mon Mar 19 00:45:17 2018

Hi, I am in the process of updating the OGN website, by merging it with our old LAN party website.

Things may start looking odd!

New LANs
Posted By PhoenixX on Tue Aug 10 08:13:19 2010

We are running regular LAN's some Sundays at JPC Supplies in Moe now.
Shop 1, 44 Moore Street Moe.
Next to Subway.

New Server
Posted By PhoenixX on Fri May 7 07:00:59 2004

Welcome to our new experimental LAN party website.
Hopefully this should run a lot faster than our old website.

Lost and Found
Posted By phoenixx on Mon Jan 19 19:52:59 2004

LAN #2 Lost and Found:


BF 1942 Install CD set (Backup)

If anyone wishes to claim anything, or found any of the missing items, SMS me

CyberNexus LAN #2
Posted By phoenixx on Mon Jan 19 11:39:25 2004

Our LAN completed this weekend, with 12 people attending.

Games we played:
BattleField 1942 (desert combat mod) (1gig+ cpu)
Grand Theft Auto 2 (400Mhz+ cpu)
Grand Theft Auto - Vice City (900Mhz+ cpu)
Need For Speed Underground (1gig+ cpu)
Carmen Sandiego (*laughter* 286+)

Amount of files leeched:
About 1 terrabyte

Random Prizes we gave away:
Free Drinks (RRP $1-$2)
Jolt Stickers (RRP $???)
Swan Opti Glow USB Optical Wheel Mouse (RRP 49.95)

Food We Ate:
Pizza, Fish and Chips, Pies, Sausage Rolls, Jolt Cola, Solo, Pepsi, Coca Cola, V.

Random Quotes:
You took out my tank with a car!?
Your not supposed to fly the helecoptors upside down dude!
These new Choppers are easy to fly.. watch.. (chopper takes off, chopper performs an unintended loop, chopper crashes) well the black hawks are anyway..
Where is that guy killing me.. up there.. *boom* not anymore
Yes, I just captured 2 spawn points by driving a plane down the road.. so? (*laughter*)
You and your damn explosives.. it would be nice to use the same tank for more than 15 seconds..

Posted By phoenixx on Tue Jan 13 11:22:10 2004

My main computer died last weekend, so I may be difficult to contact this week by email!

I should still get all emails, but the machine i read them on is currently kaput!

I am working on a replacement ASAP, but for now, use the forums page if you need to contact us about anything important, or just sms my mobile.

Next LAN
Posted By phoenixx on Sat Dec 6 19:26:25 2003

We are having a LAN party over the weekend of 17th-18th January 2004.

Registrations are limited to 50 people to allow for no shows, venue size, and the amount of networking gear available.

It is in Trafalgar East (Gippsland), at a venue called "Delhuntie Park" , in a building called "The Lodge" (just look for the signs on the highway near Trafalgar)Entry is $25 for the entire weekend.

Entry fee includes either pizza or fish and chips (you pick) for 6pm Saturday, as well as a drink of your choice, (Jolt/V/Solo/Coke/Pepsi etc)If you want to skip the food and drink, entry is only $15.

Extra Basic food and drinks are usually on sale at the venue too. Entry also grants you access to the Lake if it is a hot day, where you can swim or mess around in canoes etc.

We usually run a few competitions, and give away a few basic prizes if you win. Drinks, Stickers, keyboards, mice, ethernet cables, t-shirts etc

Register either at Ausgamers, or (if it is playing up) post a message on the LAN's forums page.

For more information, check the links above.
Fliers can be provided on request.

Hope to see you there!

Posted By phoenixx on Fri Nov 7 14:33:31 2003

I have added a forums page which non-staff can use to post comments and suggestions and find competition info.

Hope you find it useful!

Battle LAN
Posted By phoenixx on Sun Nov 2 14:48:49 2003

The Battle of Trafalgar LAN completed last week, with a worse than usual turnout. 18 People were meant to come, only 3 registered people turned up, and we had another 3 people come in off the street to use the rental machines - giving us a total turn out of less than 6 or 7 people! Owch.

It is not all bad news however, we made some contacts with a couple of local LAN groups, and so we may do some cross promotion for future LAN's, and the option to borrow some additional gear if we need it. Cool.

Quotes from the day:
I want more free jolt! *twitch* *fidget* I think you had enough already!
What happened?, we were one of the biggest LANs in Gippsland!?
Where did all the money go? *points at 3 metre high wall of drinks* Oh..

Games we played:
Grand Theft Auto 2
Command and Conquer: Red Alert
Need for Speed 3
Pool (we had a pool table)

Games we tried to play but had technical difficulties with:
Battlefield 1942
America's Army Ops (LAN version)

CyberNexus LAN #1
Posted By phoenixx on Sun Jan 19 22:51:17 2003

Our LAN completed nicely this weekend, with 15 People Turning up, and about 10 people who either didn't show up, or deregistered.

Since the attendance was so small, most people won prizes at some point, and a great deal of jolt was consumed by all. 69 All up.

Quotes from the day:
"WTF I thought the free pizza was a small, these are all large!"
"I can't eat all this!"
"The fish and chips came with flake too?!"
"Wow! can I have a copy of that?"
"damn man... you were a one man army in that tank, you almost took out the entire jap army single handed that round !"
"You killed me again!?"
"Wierd, I get less lag running this game server over my 11mb wireless adapter than I do the hardwired pci 100 one?!"
"Is there going to be any Unreal Tournament Comps?"
"Geeez.. according to my net stats, my server has transfered several terrabytes of data already!"
"What do you mean counterstrike won't work?"
"Try using Open GL instead;"
"Let us never speak of Direct3d again"
"This song sux (no leave it it's good) ok it's not that bad i guess"
"Have a break before your head explodes or something dude!"
"This laser gun game is too easy.. (boom.. beeep-beeep-beeep) i lost already?"

Games that were played:
Warcraft 3
Battlefield 1942
Natural Selection
Unreal Tournament 2003

Sega Lock-on laser headsets and guns game.

Other stuff we did:

Jumped in the lake, messed around the lake on canoes.
Watched movies
Got wIrED oN JoLt cola.
Various game comps with prizes.
Listened to music that was probably too loud.

Stuff we had for sale:
Net cards
Net cables
Blank CDs
Pies pastie, snacks etc

The competition results have been posted in the Competitions section, and some photos from the event can be viewed in the Photos section..

Posted By PhoenixX on Mon Mar 19 00:01:05 2018

Test Post Please ignore.

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