Event Rules
Cybernexus LAN Rules and Disclaimers
In order to avoid legal issues; the following rules and guidelines have been drafted, these rules are for your protection as much as our own. 

People found interfering with any equipment that does not belong to them may be removed from the venue by security. 

This includes interference via the network, such as "Nuking", "Flooding" and other acts which may violate a persons privacy or property. The network may be continually monitored to prevent this.

People who are excessively late or fail to turn up may find their seat taken by someone else.

The following applies to all participants and spectators attending or planning to attend Cybernexus LAN. 

  • No threats of physical violence (whether intentional or otherwise) unless it is an integral part of gameplay in a particular game. 
  • No behavior considered disruptive to other players or the venue and its owners.
  • No weapons, legal or otherwise are allowed at this event. No exceptions. 
  • No criminal activities such as theft, vandalism, littering, unauthorized changing/insertion of data, or access of machines will be tolerated.
  • Will not participate in, allow, or encourage the violation of any Australian laws. Any players caught breaking laws will be removed from the event.
  • No consumption of alcoholic beverages without prior approval from CyberNexus Staff.
  • No illicit (non-prescription) drugs are permitted at Cybernexus LAN events. 
  • No smoking is permitted within the Cybernexus LAN venue You're free to smoke outside however.
  • You must sign in and pay at the front desk before entering the hall/playing areas. 
  • You must not enter the designated administrators or out of bounds areas at the event unless expressly invited. 
  • You may only connect a single network cable into the Cybernexus LAN network. This cable can be connected to your hub however. Any additional cables must be approved by the Cybernexus LAN Administrators. 
  • You must configure your network settings automatically using the LAN DHCP server or by settings provided by a Cybernexus LAN Administrator only.  Please disable any connection sharing software you may use.
  • Cheating is not permitted, unless agreed to by all players of a particular game before hand.
  • You must wear your player tag at all times. 
Any participant or spectator breaching these guidelines will be subject to at the minimum but not limited to the following penalties. 
  • Immediate disconnection from the Cybernexus LAN network. 
  • Revoking of rights to any prizes, freebies or giveaways. 
  • Removal from the venue by security and/or police. 
  • Permanent ban from future Cybernexus events.
  • The organizers reserve the right to deny entry, or eject, by force if necessary,  (without stating or justifying the action, and without penalty to Cybernexus, legally or financially) any person they deem unacceptable.
  • The organizers reserve the right to confiscate any materials considered dangerous or/and prohibited by the event rules.
  • Cybernexus LAN take no responsibility for any person's equipment, possessions, shared files, or actions. 
  • Cybernexus LAN takes no responsibility for any materials that are lost or stolen.
  • Any photos taken by staff are considered the property of Cybernexus LAN unless explicitly stated otherwise.