Applies to:
All CyberNexus Lan's

Who can come?
What do I get?

What do I bring?
Where can I sleep?
What games do we play?
HELP! I am lost! Who can I contact?

These may not apply to all LANs however in general:
          $25 (for registered gamers with computers all weekend) 

          $15 (Day Users, Vendors)
          $8 Per Hour, or $30 per day. (To rent on site equipment if available)
          $5 (for spectators/wireless laptop users/friend sharing your computer)

You get a some basic food and drink included as part of your entry fee (see "What do i get?" for details), but we usually also have additional drinks and snacks for sale, and of course water is free. We may also have some free Coffee/Milo/Tea.

All venues we choose generally have toilets, and sometimes even showers available.

Who can come?
Anyone willing to register and pay their entry fee. Minors should get permission from parents first.

What do I get?
Gamers are provided with a table to setup on, a power point, a spot on a hub, a "Normal" (or call it large if you're from the city) sized pizza or fish and chips, a drink and unrestricted access to the file/game servers.
Spectators/Vendors get to wander around, use a friends computer, or buy/sell goods. 
All are entitled to participate in competitions if practical.

Depending on the venue, you may also have a lake to swim in, or canoes to use if the weather permits.

What do I bring?

  • Sleeping gear (pillow/sleeping bag etc)
  • Warm clothes
  • If you need more than one power point - A Power Boards/Power cords etc. to run your equipment. 
  • One computer with an ethernet or wireless network adapter.
  • Network Cables (we recommend 5-10 metres for maximum flexibility)
  • Games and CDs
  • Enough money to pay for entry, additional food, or any other emergencies you may encounter.
  • Optionally: Bring a friend, or your own hub as well.
Where can I sleep?
Gamers tend to stay with their computers for the entire event, and take cat naps.
However if you need a longer break there are several options available:
  • Setup or borrow a portable bed in a free corner.
  • Bring a car, and sleep in it.
  • One of our venues has bunks which can be used if available.
What games do we play? (* = games played at last LAN)
Unreal Tournament
* Battlefield 1942
* Halflife/TFC/Counterstrike
Medal of Honor
Command & Conquer series games
*Warcraft series games
Zone 3/Darkzone style laser handset game (Sega lock-on)

HELP! I am lost! Who can I contact?
Should you have any questions, or have difficulty finding the venue, post a forum message or SMS or call one of the following numbers:
Nathan: 0418 557 265 (Gippsland)
Brenton: 0417 644 080 (Cranbourne)